Grow with us

At BlueChip Logistics, we are a growing team of individuals united by common values. Our transportation partners, team members and brokers are the best in the business. They share our commitment to delivering quality services to our customers, ensuring their loyalty and continued business success.

Whether you are an experienced logistics professional or a recent graduate, we invite you to learn more about us and explore how you could be part of our growing team.

Transportation is hard work with long hours. You’re as dedicated as anyone else to getting your delivery there on time. We respect that, and reward it too.

At Blue Chip Logistics, you’re treated like the professional you are. You get to work with a flexible company with a proven track record of long-lasting, rewarding relationships. Our flexible payment terms are among the best in the industry and we can help take a load off in terms of paperwork, financing and many of the other things that might get in your way.

“They know and understand what we do, our challenges and work with us. We get paid the right amount on time. If we need to speed up the terms they do that as well.” — Craig B.

Blue Chip Logistics offers you the opportunity to work in a challenging and rewarding environment while building a career within a growing and profitable company. Move your career forward with Blue Chip Logistics.

Please see below for current positions available:


Being a broker at Blue Chip Logistics is all about you. Your sales acumen, your book and the way you like to do business. When you partner with us, you open your business to organizational support and ongoing opportunities… and something more. With Blue Chip Logistics, you join a group of people driven to uphold our company’s core values, vision and mission statements.

Easy-to-Understand Pay Structure

With Blue Chip Logistics you pay no fees and no upfront costs. Taken altogether—the clauses, charge backs and additional liabilities—you could be earning more than you do today with a lot less hassle.

Grow Big. Stay Small.

Grow bigger—yet remain independent. Open and flexible partnerships mean you can choose either complete autonomy or use Blue Chip Logistics as command central. It’s up to you.

Back Room Support

Our administration team is second to none and will become a source of strength for your business. Be supported by accounting and management systems as well as regulatory licenses and insurance coverage.

Risk Management

Blue Chip Logistics seeks not to manage risk as much as eliminate it altogether. Your clients’ freight is covered by a full cargo policy. All of it’s managed with around the clock, open and honest problem solving so your clients get answers fast.

We Do the Things No One Likes Doing

Business is business. And this business comes with a lot of paperwork: administration, WCB, checking documentation, issuing reports, dealing with insurance companies and all the other fun stuff no one seems to really love. Pick and choose what you want done knowing it’ll be done right. This way you can focus on doing what you do best while we do the same.

Be part of the team!