Transportation Management

Working with Blue Chip Logistics is like having your own—or an extension of your very own—transportation department. Whether you need support for a week, month or from now on in, we’re available.

Transportation Management

By Rail, Truck, Plane, Even Ocean Container

Organize paperwork, plan the route, book transportation providers, work with customs, check insurance, ensure security, adhere to schedules, follow up, report and deliver? We do that. And we do it whichever way works best for you and your customers. By rail, truck, plane, even ocean container—you get a scalable and flexible solution tailored to your needs.

Respect for our Transportation Providers

At Blue Chip Logistics, our business is built on relationships and our relationships are built on respect. Respect for your goods, your delivery dates and your budget. And respect for our transportation providers, who in turn, treat your customers as if they represent you. Every initiative we undertake at Blue Chip Logistics, we undertake as if we worked for you. Because, we do.


“Since our product is temperature and time sensitive, it is imperative that the freight company we choose, can meet those requirements. Blue Chip has worked hard for our business, met the expectations of our customers, and has not wavered in their efforts to keep our business.” — Curtis F.