Payment Terms

Remember, with Blue Chip Logistics we work with you to set the terms that work best for you.

Transportation Providers

Quick Pay

Immediate payment for fuel, expenses and/or payment-in-full upon delivery or loading. With QuickPay, there’s no waiting around. Funding decisions are made within hours and you get paid fast.

Cash Advances

Immediate payment upon delivery and optional payments before you depart. It all depends on your requirements, our relationship and the job at hand.


There are busy and quiet seasons no matter which route you take. The more you can team up with respectful, dependable professionals like us, the better off you are. Blue Chip Logistics is the better way to go.


“They know and understand what we do, our challenges and work with us. We get paid the right amount on time. If we need to speed up the terms they do that as well.” — Craig B.