“We have like minded business values and we know where we stand. I also like the fact that my freight is protected by a second full cargo insurance policy. We like the grass roots service with the corporate structure.” — Scott E.
“When we close the doors on one of our loads, we can rest assured that even if there is a problem, Blue Chip will create a solution… and we can continue to concentrate on running our business. Since our product is temperature and time sensitive, it is imperative that the freight company we choose can meet those requirements. Blue Chip has worked hard for our business, met the expectations of our customers, and has not wavered in their efforts to keep our business.” — Curtis F.
“They know and understand what we do, our challenges and work with us. We get paid the right amount on time. If we need to speed up the terms they do that as well.” — Craig B.
“They look after our loads daily and ensure it’s done to our standards. They’re an integral part of our transportation department. Our freight is professionally managed so we can focus on our main business.” — Greg N.