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We ship your goods. Blue Chip Logistics provides your company with transportation, freight and logistics solutions supplemented with top-notch customer service support.

Blue Chip Logistics

Blue Chip Logistics is a Third-Party Logistics Provider

Blue Chip Logistics is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) as well as a non-asset based company, meaning we do not own the equipment used to transport freight. Instead, we have access to thousands of transportation providers and can select the best, most cost-effective solution in an unbiased way.

Multi-Modal Solutions

Talk to us and you’ll quickly see that Blue Chip Logistics does it all with limitless multi-modal solutions that span the globe—road, rail, air and sea. In fact, no mode of transport is beyond our reach and every Blue Chip Logistics solution goes beyond the ordinary.


“When we close the doors on one of our loads, we can rest assured that even if there is a problem, Blue Chip will create a solution… and we can continue to concentrate on running our business.” — Curtis F.