Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can Blue Chip Logistics do for my company?

  • We listen first. Then develop a plan according to your needs.
  • We work within your company’s targeted goals and performance requirements to improve your bottom line.
  • We efficiently do the work of supply chain employees who you may not have on staff.
  • We identify areas to enhance long term savings, improve processes and increase efficiencies.
  • We do it all with a smile and respect for your company’s culture and goals.


Q. What if something goes wrong with my shipment?

At Blue Chip Logistics, our commitment to your business is 24/7. You are supported by a team of skilled individuals, an above industry-standard insurance plan and ongoing updates and documentation. Plus we’re always here to answer your call.


Q. How often can I expect updates on my shipment?

Blue Chip Logistics issues contact reports and other documentation making it easy for you to support your internal business information requirements. All documentation is emailed to you daily and contains pertinent items like confirming present location and confirming on-schedule.


Q. What about competitive pricing?

As a non-asset based 3rd party logistics provider, we are able to provide you with unbiased options and the best pricing on the market. But negotiating price for freight is only one way to meet your pricing targets. Our goal is greater than just our competitive prices; it’s your—and your customer’s total satisfaction upon delivery. Blue Chip Logistics is able to identify different gaps in the supply chain and spot areas of long-term savings by improving your processes.