Your First and Only
Freight Solution

Blue Chip Logistics is a premier third-party logistics provider for North America. As a non-asset based company, we deliver the most expedient, cost-effective, unbiased transportation solution every time.

freight logistics

There’s no need to negotiate the world of shipping and transportation alone.

With our third-party logistics system, your goods are insured and travel safely from pick-up to final destination using whatever method of transport they require. They get there on time, in good condition and for the right price.

Land, sea, air or rail, no job is too big or too small and there’s no logistical issue we haven’t handled before. You’ll soon discover it’s the solid relationships at the heart of Blue Chip Logistics that move your business forward.

“We have like minded business values and we know where we stand. I also like the fact that my freight is protected by a second full cargo insurance policy. We like the grass roots service with the corporate structure.” — Scott E.